Zeal Theatre Australia



A New Play
By Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou

Premiering in 2020, Meltdown deals with fear, depression, anxiety, stress and anger. Zane is 15 and his 'normal' family is rife with mental health issues; a Yr 12 sister paralysed by fear, a stressed out Mum, a little sister hooked on social media, a baby brother who can't stop crying and a volcanic Dad about to explode. With Zeal's dynamic multi-character acting and blend of music, drama and comedy, Meltdown is a powerful story for all secondary students.

  • Recommended Audience:  13+
  • Running time:  65 mins
  • Set up time:  60 mins
  • Pack up time:  30 mins
  • Cost:  $7 per student or minimum $770 (+gst)